Welcome to Thankful Outdoors – a website that will “Celebrate the Experience” within the outdoor world.

My name is Scott Hopperdietzel, and I’m a long-time storyteller of sharing my outdoor experiences with others. As a father of three boys, who have not only heard many of these stories, they have been part of these stories.

Thankful Outdoors is a social platform that combines the idea of bringing outdoor enthusiasts together by sharing stories, recipes, and product reviews. This community is designed to ask questions, get answers and build an online experience that allows you to ‘Celebrate the Experience” outdoors!

The Start to Thankful Outdoors –

Thankful Outdoor was created by Scott as a vision to share outdoor adventures with others. This vision of sharing stories with others started from an evening when Scott met two strangers in a bar. They were a young couple who was in town performing for a band. They got to talking, and the young man mentioned bow hunting. Little did this guy know that bow hunting is one of Scott’s biggest passions. They shared a few beers, and Scott shared story after story with the couple. As the night slipped away, the young lady says to Scott, “I’m not even into the outdoors really, but I could listen to you tell stories all night long; you have so much passion!”.

At that moment, he didn’t overthink it other than a nice compliment. Scott then wrote a story to give as a gift to his Dad. That story is called “The Unspoken Bond.” Many family members enjoyed that story.

With today’s online opportunities to share those stories, he wrote about his memories and experiences on his personal Facebook page. The feedback and responses to those stories were so positive that he wanted to broaden the audience. He realized that with the many social media platforms available today, he could easily do that by creating the Thankful Outdoors website.

What we hope you will get from Thankful Outdoors

We hope that the stories that we share will spark you to get out and “Celebrate the Experience.” Among being able to enjoy stories, Thankful Outdoors will share gear reviews from products used in the field and reviews from companies that have created partnerships with Thankful Outdoors.

Why? –  “Celebrate the Experience” – As Scott thought about the outdoor adventures, he realized that these adventures were all about a celebration of the outdoor world. Each memory captured was an experience that continues the drive and passion of enjoying the outdoors.

Ways to engage with Thankful Outdoors

You will have many opportunities to engage with us and others. You can find us on many popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and our podcast.

We will share blog posts, pictures, videos, recipes, and interviews with you so that you can find many ways to “Celebrate the Experience.”

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Have an idea for an article, a topic for a podcast? Please get in touch with Scott at scott@thankfuloutdoors.com

Celebrate the Experience,

Scott Hopperdietzel – Creator and Founder


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