Christmas Gift Ideas – Dog Owners That Hunt

Christmas Gift Ideas – Dog Owners That Hunt

Do you have a hunter and a hunting dog in your life? Are you at a loss on what to get them this year? If so, here are some Christmas gift ideas that your hunter and their four-legged companion will love and enjoy using. Heck, these gift ideas are great any time of the year!

Many of these gift ideas apply whether your hunter hunts upland, waterfowl birds, or shed hunts. I have sorted them into categories for ease of reading.

The products I recommend are a good value or investment for anyone working on training or maintaining training on their dog. When possible, I include links to the product. Some of these links may be Amazon or other affiliate links in which I am paid a small commission at no cost to you. All opinions and recommendations are my own.

Gifts for use in the field or blind – 

Training Course:
If your dog is new to hunting, maybe you just got a pup. There are all kinds of training materials available. You can order videos to watch at home or online courses.

Jeremy Moore has some excellent DVD training videos offered through his company, Dog Bone Hunter. I also can recommend an online course, some course materials for free, or purchase courses. I will give you a referral code to take $50 off any course purchase. Click to activate code: CornerStone Dog Academy.

Communicating with your dog in the field is essential. But your dog may often be far from you, and yelling commands is not the best practice in all hunting scenarios. Whistle training your dog is the solution.
Dog Training Whistle
There are many great whistles on the market. I use the SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Special Whistle. This whistle is pealess and won’t freeze up in cold weather. This whistle makes an excellent training and communication tool in the field and a great stocking stuffer.

A lanyard allows you to carry your whistle around your neck to be easily accessible when needed. Lanyards come in various materials and designs. You can spend as little as $5 on a nylon single-clip lanyard, or if you prefer a more classic look of leather, this RAW HYD leather lanyard is affordable at around $30. A great feature of this lanyard is that you can adjust the fit via the sliding knot. I have found that this version holds up well and is comfortable to wear for long periods.

Nylon Lanyard
Leather Lanyard
Leather Lanyard

Hunting Chaps:
Briar-proof and/or waterproof chaps can be a game changer. Walking through deep cover can quickly shred jeans or other pants. Briar-proof chaps can be worn over your favorite hunting pants and constructed of a tough ripstop fabric that sheds burrs.

Many different companies make chaps. If you are both an upland and waterfowl hunter, consider getting a briar-proof and waterproof pair.

Wrangler Upland Pant
Wrangler Upland Pant

I do not wear chaps and prefer Wrangler Upland Pant. I find their fit to be comfortable, and has become a favorite to wear when doing any activity in the woods.

Dog Blinds:
These blinds are great for field hunting waterfowl. Not only do they conceal your dog, but they also provide a comfortable place for your companion to sit.

One of the best dog blinds on the market is the Momarsh Field House Dog Blind. It has a low profile with a GORE OPTIFADE MARSH pattern for excellent concealment.

A great alternative to the MoMarsh Field House Dog Blind is the North Mountain Gear popup dog blind. It is lightweight at 4 pounds and allows you to carry it over your shoulder with the included carry bag.

Dog Hunting Vest:
You should consider getting your dog a neoprene hunting vest if you hunt waterfowl in the late season. My Weimaraner was kept warm and protected with the Browning Camo Neoprene Vest.

A hunting vest is still good if you only do upland hunting. A full day of running through brush can rub your dog’s chest raw. Browning makes a couple of good upland hunting vests to give you different options. The Browning Hunting/Tech Full Coverage offers the most protection.

If you hunt in warmer weather, your dog will feel more comfortable in the Browning Dog Protection Vest; it offers chest protection with a more open concept.

Field Dog Water Dish:
When you are out hunting, you must ensure that your dog has access to water often. I enjoy using collapsible bowls. They are easy to pack and lightweight. It has been easy to keep my dogs hydrated when we are in the field and fishing in the boat. These have a carabiner clip to hook them to your belt or vest.

Tools And Equipment For Training A Hunting Dog –

Leashes and Collars:
When training a dog for hunting, it is helpful to have a wide variety of leads or leashes. Here are some styles of leashes that I have enjoyed using.

    • Slip leash
      • The Fida Slip Lead is by far my favorite leash. The slip loop is excellent when walking a dog to and from a vehicle. The 6-foot length is ideal for a lead on this leash for transferring dogs from trucks to buildings.
    • Retractable Leads
      • Retractable leads are your best option if you want just one lead style. You can control the length that you give your dog to wander. This retractable lead from Fida allows your dog to wander out 16 feet and will hold a dog up to 110 pounds.

If you are going to train a retriever, you need to have at least a few (the more, the better) bumpers. I like to use various types of bumpers in training. Here are the bumpers that I use in my training.

    • Canvas
      • For puppies, a canvas bumper is ideal. The smaller size and soft material are easy on their mouth and teeth as they learn and grow; you will want to switch to plastic bumpers.
    • Plastic
      • Plastic bumpers are more durable. Easy to clean, some come with an air valve to adjust the amount of air in the bumper. This adds weight to the bumper, so you can throw them further.
    • Dead Fowl
      • Dead fowl bumpers are shaped and weighted more like a bird. Dead fowl bumpers allow the dogs to get a feel for the size, weight, and shape of holding a down bird in their mouth.
    • Shed Antler Dummy
      • If you want to maximize time in the field with your dog, hunters have started to train their dogs to shed hunt. It’s a great way to extend the season in the field, keep your dog in shape and keep their senses keen for the future hunting season.

Gifts For Your Dog’s Health and Safety –

Dog bed:
A safe, comfortable bed for your dog can help them sleep better. It is also easier on their joints than lying on the bare floor.
There are a few different styles of beds to choose from:

Here is how I use the different styles of beds. The elevated bed is a great training tool, and the bed is used in common family areas. The pillow bed is excellent for travel because you can bunch it up to be more compact for traveling purposes. The mattress bed is luxurious with memory foam and used in the bedroom where the dog has their bed area but still feels near me.

After a long day in the field, your dog deserves a nice place to rest during the drive home. Crates should be secured in the back of your truck or inside the cab. I run a topper on my truck, so I have no concern about putting the dog and crate in the bed.

Petmate Vari Dog Kennel, Mud River Crate Cushion, and the Pet Spaces Adjustable Kennel Cover are good combo for this crate setup.

Final Thoughts: Gift Ideas For Hunters Who Own Dogs

There are many tools and equipment that hunting dog owners need to pursue their hobbies and passions. I have covered just a few of the most common. These recommendations are from product reviews and personal use while training my dogs.

These products should help give you plenty of gift ideas to surprise your hunter and their dog. Don’t forget to set out the cookies for Santa as well!!!

You can also sign up for weekly training tips at CornerStone GunDog Academy, don’t forget to use your referral discount code.

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