Best Valentine’s Gifts For Your Outdoorsy Girl

It will soon be Valentine’s Day, and you panic, thinking about what to get that special outdoorsy girl in your life. Fear no more; read these suggested gift ideas.

You could go the route of the traditional big three. What are those, you wonder? The most common gifts on Valentine’s Day are flowers, cards, and chocolate. You can’t go wrong with these ideas; give her all three if you want to hit a home run!

The recommended products are a good value or investment for anyone passionate about outdoor hobbies. When possible, I include links to the product. Some of these links may be Amazon or other affiliate links in which I am paid a small commission at no cost to you. All opinions and recommendations are my own.

According to National Retail Federation (NRF), shoppers in 2020 spent 2.4B on chocolates, 2.3B on flowers, and 1.3B on cards. I guess spending money is a sign of love!

What the heck does an outdoor blog writer know about relationships? Well, I know that famous advice that Rafael gives to Blu in Rio 2, Happy Wife, Happy Life. That advice applies to a lot of parts of a relationship.

If you skip out on the dozen roses, here are twelve Valentine’s Day gift ideas to consider. You might even be able to put a little romance into these gift ideas if you get creative. See the end of the article for suggestions!

No gift given should ever be attached to expectations, but when your best friend calls you up and says, “Man, let’s go on a two-week elk hunt out West,” your significant other might remember how special you made her Valentine’s Day with these great gift suggestions.

Now, onto the list of gift ideas, happy shopping!

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Twelve Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Outdoorsy Girl

1. Loveseat for camping

It is a perfect gift to start the list; it has love in the name.

 This duo camp chair from ARROWHEAD OUTDOOR, this loveseat is perfect for your romantic sit around a campfire. As you snuggle and enjoy a glass of wine, the chair has two built-in holders for your wine glass.

If wine is not your preferred drink choice, it has two supersized cup holders holding a glass or can up to 3.7 inches wide.

2. Duo Sleeping Bag

She is your outdoorsy partner, and you have probably spent several nights camping throughout your relationship. Why should the camping experience feel different from lying next to your partner as if you were home? The IFORREST Double Sleeping Bag is your perfect sleeping bag; it has a temperature rating as low as 20 degrees. The bag’s interior is cotton flannel lined, comes with two pillows, and is waterproof. This bag can be separated and used as two separate bags, but why would you want to do that? This bag will be around as long as your relationship is for a lifetime; IFORREST has a lifetime warranty on their sleeping bag.

Don’t forget to include a sleeping pad to increase your comfort. We all need our beauty sleep, don’t we?

3. Campfire Stove

What better way to keep the flame burning than to build your fire? Solo Stove has several different fire pits. Their most portable model is the Ranger 2.0. What makes Solo Stove so unique is they provide you with a smokeless fire. Grab a chair, some wine, and roast marshmallows wherever your adventures take you.

4. Hammock

What better way to tell your loved one to take it easy and get off their feet than with a hammock? This Sunyear Camping Hammock is designed for two. This Hammock comes with everything you need to stay a weekend in the outdoors. Mesh netting to keep bugs out, waterproof cover for storms, straps, and carabiners for hanging. Get connected by spending time listening to the sounds of nature. It is another product that offers a 100% lifetime guarantee.

5. Books

Is your outdoorsy lady a reader? Get her a good book or upgrade her book reading with a kindle subscription. Get a 30-day free trial! Sex In A Tent: A Wild Couple’s Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature. Let Author Michelle Waitzman share her years of experience of “playing in the backcountry.” She shares tips on how to look and feel sexy when you haven’t bathed in days.

If your outdoorsy girl is starting with this adventurous lifestyle, then maybe the fourth edition of “How To Shit In The Woods” by Kathleen Meyer is educational but also has humor to a subject that none of us want to discuss. Can you believe that four editions have been written on this subject?

6. Flannel Shirts

This recommendation is close to my heart because it’s something my girlfriend and I currently have. We have matching red plaid flannel shirts. These shirts have become our favorite, and nothing makes her happier when we both wear these shirts of comfort along with our green vest. We have been coined as vested lovers when going out in these outfits. Please give me a pass on this one to keep my man card!

7. Perfume

Being outdoors during bug season doesn’t mean that your only choice of perfume should be Deep Woods Off. She is a lady, and if she is anything like my lady, she wants to smell like one. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell: This best-selling fragrance was tested by researchers from New Mexico State University in 2015 and found that it repelled mosquitoes for up to 120 minutes. It has a fruity floral scent. Why not also gift her a Thermacell that she can carry by her side to ensure those pesky mosquitoes won’t bother her? Adding this to her gift will provide hours of a bug-free zone in your outdoor adventure.

8. Flexible Phone Tripod

Who doesn’t snap pictures and share them on their favorite social media platform? Capture that memory as you celebrate the experience with this phone tripod. It even includes a remote. This model from WAAO is compatible with IOS and Android Smartphones.

9. Coffee Maker

Is your outdoorsy girl a lover of coffee? Coffee drinkers need their fix; the nearest Starbucks or Tim Hortons is probably a long way away when you are on your outdoor adventure. So get her something where you can make her a good cup of her favorite java to start the morning off. How romantic of you to build a fire and make a fresh brew for her as she wakes up to overlook the rising sun and listen to the sounds of nature. This little advice will help you keep her around for a long time.

10. Blanket

This Kodiak Canvas Camping quilt will soon be her favorite to snuggle. Don’t get jealous over the new snuggle, buddy. It can be used as a substitute for a sleeping bag or even as a picnic blanket. What great plans to make, this way you always have a date idea planned. Picnics are great date ideas.

11. Power Pack

Put some spark in your relationship by giving you some electronic gear; these items will make the next outdoor adventure feel like you are right at home. Power Pack – this power pack by ZeroKor allows you to charge laptops and smartphones. Never feel like you are out of touch when on your outdoor adventure.

12. Speaker

This speaker from Kayinnow is like the swiss army knife of speakers. Not only is this Bluetooth speaker, but it also offers AM/FM radio, flashlight, reading lamp, alarm, cell phone charging, and compass. It has a built-in solar panel for charging and hand crank power in real emergencies. Dancing in the moonlight

Bonus Gift Idea: Ring

Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day to get engaged. So if you think she is the one, why not just get down on one knee and say, “Marry Me!” Some suggestions on getting down on your knee, you gave her a gift idea from this amazing list, you are spending the evening around the campfire, you bend down to throw another log on the fire, and you turn to her and say…. I will leave those lines up to you.

Okay, maybe this outdoor blog writer should stick to writing about outdoor things! Go ahead, share your romantic outdoor idea on Instagram, and tag Thankful Outdoors in your photo.

Celebrate The Experience!

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